Visual Exploration – Even This Will Pass

Aida Silvestri – Even This Will Pass

69 Roman Road

Curated by Mark Sealy and Renee Mussai

Roman Road

Installation shot of the map displaying all the routes taken by the sitters

The work that Aida Silvestri has produced personifies the topic of refugees and their terrible journeys, which to most is just something which we are aware of because of the news broadcasts or a Parliamentary bill being pushed through the House of Commons. However the thought process Silvestri has placed upon the work and the sensitivity at which she has places the topic is enlightening.

The curation of the 10 annoymous monochrome portraits and the clever incorporation of the stitching onto the giclee print grasps the viewer and completely emerges them into the lives of the refugees along with the their stories scripted into touching poems. The rhetoric within the poems and text demonstrates the  emotive power which can be created with the addition of the written word.

Roman Road II

The Roman Road Project Space is one of the most versatile and creative exhibition spaces. With the high ceiling and ambient light it is in the perfect position to exhibit any number or type of artistic project. Somewhere that I shall keep in consideration for my work.

Roman Road III

Eritrea to London on foot, by camel, car, lorry, boat, train and aeroplane.

The touching work is summed up by the words of Aida Silvestri; This body of work is dedicated to those who suffered or were left behind in their quest for the ‘Promised Land’ and those who marked their names and left messages on the walls of Sinai Mountains. Your voices will be heard. Even This Will Pass.

For more information here are the websites:

Aida Silvestri

Roman Road


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